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Yousef: Hey, what’s up guys? Yousef here with Speedy House Offers and today I want to take you on a tour of a distressed property and talk a little bit about how we handle distressed properties when they’re sent to us. And what you can do if you have a house like this and how you might be able to sell it if you’re thinking about sell it and to send a message that you know, don’t ever think it’s too bad that someone may not want to buy it because people like us, we will come in and nine times out of 10 make you an offer.

All right, so let’s go in. So already we see here that with this property, we’ve got windows boarded up. Have to try to get in the screen door here.

Okay, a couple of glasses busted out. So we’re going to go in real quick and tour it. All right. So yeah, we’ve got obvious signs of damage. It looks like some people have gotten in the house, left a mess inside. Some more damage here. These are things that we considered to be cosmetic but not very attractive to the average person. Got a laundry room back here. You can see the ceiling tile have all fallen down and they’re all over the place here.

But yeah, this is what we typically see in a house, just really what we consider to be in a very severe state of distress.

Got a window that’s completely out right here. It typically when people get inside of houses and they squat, what we call vagrant state. Get in houses and live inside the houses. You see walls are busted out, windows busted out. This is what you’re going to find and you know we’re used to seeing it so it doesn’t surprise us. Some roof damage. It’s a pretty big house though. Probably some kids got in here. There’s some damage here. This house has about six bedrooms here and two bathrooms. You never know what you’re going to find. But we are used to seeing it. So don’t ever think you’ll surprise us. Not unless there was something we hadn’t seen, which we’ve pretty much seen it all.

So send us over those distressed properties, we’ll come in here just like I’m in here right now. We’ll walk through them, tell you what we think, tell you what we’re able to do, and hopefully make you a cash offer and everyone walks away happy.

All right, so I’m Yousef with Speedy House Offers. Just wanted you to see what we see  when we come in houses. And again, don’t be ashamed or apprehensive about sending them over to us because we will come and look and you’d be surprised at what we will make an offer on.

Have a great day.

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