Hi there!

My name is Yussef Gilkey and I am the founder of Speedy House Offers. If you are on this page it’s a good chance you are curious about who we are, what we stand for and why in the heck do WE BUY HOUSES? Oh yeah and of course, if we might be a good fit for you or someone you may know.

The picture you see above is a picture of me (all the way on the right) with my family about to take a stroll through Woods of Terror in Greensboro, NC. Touring the haunted houses is something we try to do every year so I chose this picture to put here because it embodies who I am down to the core. A family man….Oh and I love being outdoors and having fun too.

But family is only part of why I started this company.

As far back as about 1986 when I was a teenager ( I am not young) I have had a passion, love and fascination for houses. At times, growing up, when it was just mom and I, she made it work on one salary and I admire her drive and responsibility to this day.

But as you can imagine we didn’t live in the newest, best or up to date homes with modern kitchens, appliances or furniture. We had the necessities and we got by. But….when I would visit classmates homes, or one of mom’s coworker’s home that had all of the bells and whistles, it opened up my mind to how we could be living. And that feeling for a nicer home haunted me for years to come.

As the years passed the feeling got stronger as I looked at the nicer homes wondering how it felt to be waking up in them every day. Or what it felt like to come home from school to THAT house. Or heck what it might cost to turn my home into something a little better.

I cataloged the smell of new paint, new carpet, and freshly cut wood in my brain. I new I wanted to be a part of that world but didn’t know how to get there.

As the years would pass, I would read just about any book I could get my hands on about business. Fortunately my mom was a children’s librarian so I had access to the mother load of what we called information. Long before the internet.

As the years passed I would start working and buying books to own like the first release of Art of the Deal, visit open houses, attend Dan Mohr school of Realestate in ’91, and order Carlton Sheets courses in an effort to learn as much about this industry as possible.

I took my leap of faith in 2002 and purchased my first investment property while working full time at Waste Management while also raising a daughter as a single father.

To say I was learning lessons in real time is a gross understatement. But I took every mistake as a lesson and every victory as grace.

I would go on to make buying properties in my city a full time venture. the mid 2000’s forced us to reevaluate our entire model but we never ran from a challenge.


Fast forward a bit and it’s 2020 as I write this and the “me” is now “we.”

Speedy House Offers is now a team of like minded folk committed to a mission of helping people that may need to sell a home for a number of reasons.

Our Mission is Simple: Educate, Empower and Facilitate solutions for families needing to sell a house fast.

We accomplish this by using what we call the “LED light bulb approach”

So what exactly is the LED LIGHTBULB APPROACH? Glad you asked.

Many refer to a spontaneous, good idea as a lightbulb moment. Well as good as lighbulb moments are typically they are one idea in one moment.

BUT…when you look at bright LED bulbs or laterns (when it’s off of course) you notice there are several small light emitting diodes coming together to produce a brilliant source of clear light much brighter than a single traditional bulb.

Thats how we approach challenges you bring us. We use a multi solution approach based on our decades of experience in real estate, to help come up with a range of solutions that may work best to purchase your home and solve a vast number of problems our clients face.

Thank you for reading this far. This is probably a lot longer that my team would have me make it. And I am not a writer, but I think it’s important that you know we are real people with a passion for helping other families.

If you have any questions feel free to pick up a phone and give us a call.

Click on we buy your house for cash to learn more about how you can sell your house quickly. You may also visit our Facebook page to learn more about our company and the services we offer.