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Yussef Gilkey: Hi guys. It’s Yussef with Speedy House Offers of Winston Salem and if you’re looking to sell an inherited property or house in Winston Salem, think about giving us a call because we like to buy houses like this one that’s right behind me. Houses that aren’t perfect, houses that we expect to do a little cosmetic updates or major work on a lot of times and you can call us or you can go to our website at speedyhouseoffers.com. There’s a form there. If you don’t want to really pick up a phone or you want to read more about us and what we do, you can read about us there. You can read the about us page, read some of our testimonials, find out a little bit about what we do and how we do it.

But a little bit about the properties that we like to pick up or that we pick up some time. As you can see here, this is a house that we bought. We picked this one up from a contractor who was going through a little bit of financial difficulty. Not to give too many details about the situation, but he needed to sell this house. We came in and the house didn’t have any walls. It needed some flooring done. The bathrooms needed to be updated. Well, I take that back. No, they actually needed to be completely torn down and reconfigured and the whole layout of this house had to be redone. So I don’t want you to think that you have to have a perfect property to pick up a phone and give us a call because this one was not perfect by far.

So if you have an inherited property in Winston that you’re thinking about selling and you could possibly be thinking that nobody’s going to be interested in it because it needs a lot of work, or it’s got back taxes, it’s got sanitation liens or code violations on it, you’d be surprised. Give us a call. You can go to our website. There’s a phone number at the top. It’s (336) 515-6006, you can give us a call there. Or you can click the link down in the bottom of this video. That will take you to our page where you can get in contact with someone and talk about the property or selling the property to us. We’re going to ask a few questions. Nothing too invasive. We just want to know a little bit about the property, why you’re selling it, what price you may be expecting to get from the property, things like that and then we’re going to come out and we’re going to inspect the property.

We’re just going to look and evaluate what we think it may cost us to repair the property, see what the other houses in the area are selling for, and then we’re going to make you a cash offer. If we can agree upon the cash offer what happens then is we set up a closing with our team of experts. We have attorneys and paralegals that we work with that are experienced in dealing with situations like probate, sanitation liens, back taxes and any number of different problems that come up when dealing with real estate. So you don’t have to really worry about those headaches or worry about running out and finding an attorney that specializes in that. This is what we do all the time. So again, if you’re looking to sell an inherited property in Winston Salem, I’m Yussef Gilkey with Speedy House Offers, and I would love to talk to you.

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